The Swedish Internet Foundation invests in an IT security company

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The Swedish Internet Foundation has now invested in the Norwegian software company IQ Global AS, which is a leader in monitoring and managing domains and internet-related crime linked to domains. The investment is up to 20 percent of the company.

Internet-related crime is increasing, and those affected include private individuals, companies and authorities. The Swedish Internet Foundation is now investing in IQ Global AS. The Norwegian software company has, among other things, developed a cloud-based tool that improves the ability of resellers and domain owners to quickly detect, and report domains used for suspected internet-related crime, such as spam attacks, phishing, and the spread of malicious code or botnets.

– The Swedish Internet Foundation works for an open internet, and we protect the freedom of expression. At the same time, it is important that there are safe and effective tools to combat internet-related crime. The investment in IQ Global AS is one of the ways we are involved and contributing to that endeavour, says Carl Piva, CEO, The Swedish Internet Foundation.

– The Swedish Internet Foundation has followed us and supported us since the start, and we are very happy that they now choose to invest in our business as well. Through the investment, we get the opportunity to expand to other market segments and accelerate the development of new services, says Michael B Halvorssen, CEO, IQ Global AS.

As The Swedish Internet Foundation maintains the responsibility for the Swedish top-level domain .se, the foundation actively works to counter internet-related crime. This is accomplished in many ways: Education/training for authorities and the public, comments on proposed legislation and participation in legislative work, expert participation in the media, lectures and panel discussions, audits in the domain name register, and collaboration with authorities and the judicial system.

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About IQ Global AS

IQ Global AS ( is a Norwegian software and consulting company in the domain name industry. Its products and services are designed to provide both data-driven and user-friendly business intelligence, thus helping to make the Internet a safer place. IQ Global AS monitors over 200 million domain names daily for the registry, as well as registrars, resellers, and hosting providers. [THE COMPANY's] vision is to become the industry standard for analysis of top-level domain names, monitoring and management of internet-related crime linked to DNS.

About The Swedish Internet Foundation

The Swedish Internet Foundation is an independent, business-driven and non-profit organisation. We work to create and maintain an internet that contributes positively to people and society.

We are responsible for the internet's top-level Swedish domain .se, and we also manage the operation and administration of the top-level domain .nu. The income from the business finances a number of investments in order to enable people to use the internet in the best way, and to stimulate knowledge sharing and innovation with a focus on the internet.

Examples of our initiatives are the start-up and meeting place Goto 10, The Swedes and the Internet report, the learning resource Digital Lessons, the Internet Days Conference and the internet connection measurement tool Bredbandskollen. Our vision is that everyone in Sweden wants, dares and is able to use the internet.