The Swedish Internet Foundation is an independent, private foundation that works for the positive development of the internet. We are responsible for the Swedish top-level domain .se and the operation of the top-level domain .nu.

Search available domain name

Enter the domain name you want to register or get information about and click "Search". If the domain name is free, just select the reseller with which you wish to register the domain name.

Due to the protection of personal data, some information is hidden during a search. For domain holders who are private individuals/individual companies, no contact information is displayed. Click here to read more about how you request access to the information that is hidden.

Read more about regulations and how domain search works here.

Register a domain name

A domain name is like a street address on the internet and it makes it easy for everyone surfing the web to find your site. The Swedish Internet Foundation ensures that all .se and .nu domains work as intended. Before you get your own address online, there are a few things that can be good to think about.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The "first come, first serve" principle applies when allocating .se and .nu domain names – the first party to apply for an available domain name will be given it with no prior testing. If you believe that someone else has registered a .se or a .nu domain to which you are entitled, you can appeal the allocation of the domain name retroactively.

Clownnäsa i mobilskärm.

Questionable methods

Customers are often contacted by different companies trying to sell them domain names that they already have, though under another top-level domain.