About DNS-Labs

Making DNS more robust has always been a priority for The Swedish Internet Foundation. In 2005 we were the first top-level domain to enable DNSSEC and our passion for DNS security continues to this day.

DNS-Labs, our DNS research and development team, was launched to encourage the development of new technologies and solutions within DNS.

Coordinating internal projects and in cooperating with scientists and experts from around the world, the lab takes on projects that advance DNS management in general and DNSSEC in particular. By developing and sharing new standards for the internet globally, DNS-Labs also pushes domain security further within Sweden.

DNS-Labs participates in several DNS communities and collaborates with people and organizations all over the world. Furthermore, the team cooperates with Swedish universities and authorities to support both research and operational security within the field.

Meet the team

We have gathered some of Sweden's most experienced DNS specialists to form DNS-Labs. This is the team and their areas of expertise.

Johan Stenstam på DNS Labs

Johan Stenstam

DNS Specialist
Johan has more than 25 years of experience with DNS on all levels. His current interests include leveraging from DNSSEC to further automate DNS, secure and robust systems design and scalable statistics gathering.

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Roger Murray

Roger Murray

DNS Specialist
Roger is experienced in reverse engineering and figuring out how complex technical systems works. One of his focus areas is to develop DNS-Labs platform for research data.

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Jonas Andersson

Jonas Andersson

DNS Specialist
Jonas' work involves technical solutions and research in small to large scale DNS environments. He is also responsible for the DNS-Labs collaboration with educational institutions such as the Royal Institute of Technology.

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Pamela Davidsson at Internetstiftelsen office.

Pamela Davidsson

Data Analyst
Pamela has more than 25 years of experience as market and data analyst in the telecom and internet sector. Her interest is to collect and analyze data about use of domains and internet. And also to measure the Health status (Hälsoläget) of the security configurations of the Swedish domains.

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