En dammig dataskärm med kod blir beslyst av solstrålar genom ett fönster med persienner på ett kontor.

This is DNS-Labs

Making the domain name system more secure has always been a priority for The Swedish Internet Foundation. Through our research team DNS-Labs, we encourage the development of new technologies and solutions and continue to play a leading role in the work for a more robust internet.

En hand som håller ett klistermärke som det står "it's always DNS" på.

What to Look for in a Quality DNS Service

Internetstiftelsen and Netnod joint forces in order to outline some of the critical elements you should look for when setting up or procuring a DNS service for an enterprise .

internetstiftelsens hjärta i mossa

A German in the Netherlands on an exchange experience in Sweden

Moritz Müller is a research engineer at SIDN, the registry of the Dutch country code top-level domain. But for three months he is working in Stockholm at The Swedish Internet Foundation, which was made possible through a close collaboration within the CENTR community.

Tangentbord i två delar med sladdar emellan.

.SE – first TLD to support CSYNC

The Swedish Internet Foundation has been a big supporter of DNSSEC from the beginning. .SE was the first TLD to be DNSSEC signed back in 2005, long before the root. Now we continue to innovate and allow DNS operators to update registry data with the help of DNSSEC.

En man jobbar på en bärbar dator stående vid ett bord bredvid en krukväxt

Easier handling of records with automated DNSSEC provisioning

DNSSEC is currently enabled for almost half of the .se zone, and slightly less than that for .nu. To reach the other half of the “market”, DNSSEC needs to be more accessible. That is why we now add a new and easier method of updating records.

Working towards a safer internet

The objective of DNS-Labs is to make the internet more secure and robust.

Människor i ett mötesrum

About us

Meet the DNS-Labs team and learn more about what we do.



DNS-Labs' main focus is DNS and how to promote the use of DNSSEC on the Internet. This is what we are currently working on.

Skärm som visar sajten Zonemaster


A testing tool that helps to control, measure and better understand how DNS functions.

Knowledge and cooperation

DNS-Labs is an active part of worldwide DNS communities, to share knowledge and learn from others. 

En föreläsningssal på på KTH. En föreläsare tittar på sin dator medan en student tittar på sin telefon vid ett bord.


Collaborating with universities and companies is one of the ways DNS-Labs exchange knowledge with others.

Tre män på ett kontor tittar på en whiteboard där en skriver något.


DNS-Labs collaborates with individuals and organizations around the world to further DNS.