Disclosure of information from the domain name register

The Swedish Internet Foundation maintains a register of assigned domain names under the top-level domain .se and the top-level domain .nu. Here you can read about how you request access to the information in the domain name register.

If a domain name is registered, information about the domain name is displayed during a search in The Swedish Internet Foundation's search service. Due to the protection of personal data, some information about the domain name is hidden from the search result.

The Swedish Internet Foundation is responsible for the personal data of the information in the domain name register and only shares the data if there is a legal basis for doing so.

Some investigative and executive authorities may oblige The Swedish Internet Foundation to disclose information. In these cases, The Swedish Internet Foundation has an obligation to provide the authority with the information requested.

In other cases, a legitimate interest is required to access the information in the register and it is then required that the information requested is necessary for the purpose relating to the legitimate interest. The Swedish Internet Foundation makes an assessment in each individual case where the interest in obtaining the information is balanced against the interest and the rights of the person whose personal information is requested. The balancing of interest may result in the requested information being disclosed, that only certain information is disclosed or that no information is disclosed.

If you want to request access to information from the domain name register, you need to fill out the form below. It is important that you specify what information the application refers to and why it is necessary that you obtain this information. The form must then be sent to registry@internetstiftelsen.se.