Zone Data

This is where you can find the latest .se and .nu zone files. The zone files are available by doing a DNS zone transfer (AXFR) at

Using the following commands on a system with the Dig tool installed will "download" the .se zone and .nu zone respectively.

dig se AXFR >
dig nu AXFR >

The zone content is (C) Copyright 2019 The Swedish Internet Foundation. The license is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

The operational status of the registry systems when the latest .se zone was published is available, and the latest .nu zone.

For operational reasons we cannot provide DNS notify messages when a new zone has been published. The zones are updated every hour and half hour independently. The Swedish Internet Foundation offers this as a best effort service, but aim to have it available at all times with the latest available zone files. No guarantees.

If the service is abused or if the license terms are violated, we reserve the right to block the IP prefix that is the cause of the problem, and revoke your right to use the data. Check the SOA before fetching a new zone file to not make unnecessary zone transfers. The Swedish Internet Foundation will assess any problems or abuses, and any decisions to block or revoke access remains solely the right of The Swedish Internet Foundation. Contact us at before any experiments, we will be happy to discuss your issues.

More information about generic access to the zone file can be found here.