Board of Directors

The Swedish Internet Foundation Board of Directors has a broad-based composition including representatives of both users of and experts in the internet in Sweden. The present Chairman of the Board is Ylva Hambraeus Björling, who took office in June 2014.

The Board has members appointed by:

Neonhjärtan på en vägg.

In the board 2023

Ylva Hambraeus Björling, Chairman of the Board, appointed by ISOC-SE
Jan Bertoft, appointed by Swedish Consumers’ Association
Henrik Bergman, appointed by the Swedish Bankers’ Association
Peter Kopelman, appointed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Patrik Fältström, appointed by SOF
Stefan Larsson, appointed by the Board
Krister Nilsson, appointed by ISOC-SE
Johan Wallér, appointed by Swedish Trade Federation
Mattias Ahnberg, substitute appointed by SOF
Karolina Larsson, board secretary