• .SE – first TLD to support CSYNC

    The Swedish Internet Foundation has been a big supporter of DNSSEC from the beginning. .SE was the first TLD to be DNSSEC signed back in 2005, long before the root. Now we continue to innovate and allow DNS operators to update registry data with the help of DNSSEC.

  • Easier handling of records with automated DNSSEC provisioning

    DNSSEC is currently enabled for almost half of the .se zone, and slightly less than that for .nu. To reach the other half of the “market”, DNSSEC needs to be more accessible. That is why we now add a new and easier method of updating records.

  • Solving the decade-old problem with Multi-Signer DNSSEC

    The Swedish Internet Foundation has for the last couple of months been working together with Shumon Huque of Salesforce, and the Internet pioneer Steve Crocker. Together they are solving the problem with multi-signer DNSSEC.

  • DNS' best friends

    Two informative days has gotten The Swedish Internet Foundation acquainted with open source hardware security modules developed by CrypTech.