.se and .nu domains that may soon be available

Every night, The Swedish Internet Foundation produces a list with .nu and .se domain names that may become available within the next few months. The list contains domain names that are deactivated, which means that they no longer work on the internet but are still registered by a holder.

Every domain name on the deactivation list has a release date (the date when it becomes available). If the holder renews the domain name before the release date, it is taken away from the list. The lists are available in JSON-format and as .txt

Time for Release

The list of deactivated domain names is updated every night. If the domain name becomes available for registration, this will happen when the release date occurs, at 04:00 UTC at the earliest. (Swedish time 05:00 in the winter, 06:00 in the summer.) The release date for each domain name is in the list.

Contact one of The Swedish Internet Foundation’s retailers (registrars) if you are interested in registering a .nu or a .se domain that is going to be released. You will find all resellers for .nu- and .se domain names here.

The Domain Name Cycle

If you perform a search for a .nu or .se domain name via the domain name and contact search on our website, you will, among other things, get information on when the domain was registered and when it expires. We have described below the terms that are used in this information.

  • Created – The date that the domain name was registered for the first time. The domain may have changed owners since then.
  • Last modified- The date when the latest changes around the domain occurred in the Internet Foundation’s database. The changes can, for example, be changing registrars, name servers, holders or contacts.
  • Expiration date- A .se or .nu domain name can be registered for a period of between 12-120 months. The expiration date is the date when the current registration period expires. After a domain name expires, it will receive the status “Expired” for ten days.
  • Deactivation date – If the domain is not renewed within ten days after it has expired, the status on the domain changes to “Deactivated”, which means that it will not be in the in zone file. Then the domain stops working on the internet, but is still registered to the same holder in The Swedish Internet Foundation´s database. The domain name is deactivated for 60 days if no renewal occurs. During the deactivation period, it is possible for the current holder to renew the domain name.
  • Date of deregistration – If the holder does not renew the domain name after it has been deactivated, then the holder will be deregistered from that date. The domain name is then placed in quarantine with The Swedish Internet Foundation until the date of its release.
  • Date for release – On this date, the domain name is released and can be registered by a new holder. This occurs no earlier than 04:00 UTC (Swedish time 05.00 in winter, 06.00 in the summer).
  • Name Server – When a domain changes name servers, it takes a while before the update goes through the internet. We update the zone files the following times:
    • .nu: once an hour, at half hour, 11.30, 12.30 and so on.
    • .se: once an hour, at full hour, 11.00, 12.00 and so on.