Registry lock

Registry lock is a service that offers added protection for you or your company’s domain name. The aim of the service is to minimize the risk of unwanted changes, terminations or transfers.

Registry lock prevents the following registration services to be performed:

  • Updates to the domain name (however, renewal may still be done)
  • Deregistration of the domain name at the request of the holder (however, the Domain name will expire, be deactivated and deregistered if not renewed in time)
  • Transfer of the Domain Name to a new Domain Holder
  • Change of registrar

Registry lock is an additional service and therefore it is not mandatory for The Swedish Internet Foundation’s registrars (vendors) to offer the service. Please contact your registrar for information about providing the service.

Detailed information about the service

How to obtain Registry lock

You can subscribe to Registry lock as a holder by filling in an order form for your domain. Those registrars offering Registry lock have the forms. If your registrar does not offer Registry lock, you can always choose to change to another registrar who offers the service.

The completed form is then sent to your registrar who will contact The Swedish Internet Foundation.

How to make changes when you have Registry lock

When you have Registry lock and wish to perform a registration service, for example a redelegation, contact your registrar and ask for the registration service. Unlocking of the domain is then performed by The Swedish Internet Foundation on the request of the registrar. When the domain is unlocked, the registrar can perform the registration service. When the service is completed, ask the registrar to lock the domain. A confirmation of unlocking, as well as the time of re-locking, will be sent to you.

What does this cost?

It is up to each registrar who provides the Registry lock service to determine the price. For further information regarding prices, the order form et cetera, please contact your registrar. You will find the contact details below.

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