• Zonemaster validates reliably

    A comparative study between tools for validating the quality of DNS delegation shows that Zonemaster is a reliable and effective tool; ahead of alternatives like MXToolbox and NAST.

  • Time To Die for TTL

    Zone files contain an awful lot of TTL values, and sometimes it is good to take a step back to see if what you've set up is still meaningful. We took a deeper look at our TTL values and it seems an extreme TTL makeover is called for.

  • The launch of Registry Lock

    Today, on April 23rd, The Swedish Internet Foundation launched a new, semi-automated, registry lock function, replacing the old manual registry lock service that has existed since 2013.

  • DNS' best friends

    Two informative days has gotten The Swedish Internet Foundation acquainted with open source hardware security modules developed by CrypTech.

  • 11th October: KSK Rollover time

    On the 16th of September the ICANN board made the final decision to go forward with the Key-Signing-Key (KSK) Rollover in the root zone. After an earlier roll got cancelled, it is now set in motion again.

  • New major Zonemaster release

    The Swedish Internet Foundation and Afnic have released a new major release of Zonemaster on 2018-05-25. Zonemaster is a DNS (Domain Name System) validation tool which aims to improve the security and resilience of the internet infrastructure.

  • Critical IT-services in focus at the DNS reference group

    Increased robustness for critical municipal IT-services to prepare them for a major crisis, an update on the root KSK rollover and insight into the DNS architecture of Facebook were some of the topics at DNS reference group meeting in May.

  • Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

    Most probably by now you are tired of all the talk about rolling the root KSK. Yes, we are too! So, today we are not going to talk about that one.