• IPv6 status in the .nu zone

    Ulrich Wisser, senior DNS expert at the Swedish Internet Foundation has run a software test to look at the level of support for IPv6 within the .nu domain.

  • Zonemaster validates reliably

    A comparative study between tools for validating the quality of DNS delegation shows that Zonemaster is a reliable and effective tool; ahead of alternatives like MXToolbox and NAST.

  • Time To Die for TTL

    Zone files contain an awful lot of TTL values, and sometimes it is good to take a step back to see if what you've set up is still meaningful. We took a deeper look at our TTL values and it seems an extreme TTL makeover is called for.

  • The launch of Registry Lock

    Today, on April 23rd, The Swedish Internet Foundation launched a new, semi-automated, registry lock function, replacing the old manual registry lock service that has existed since 2013.

  • DNS' best friends

    Two informative days has gotten The Swedish Internet Foundation acquainted with open source hardware security modules developed by CrypTech.

  • 11th October: KSK Rollover time

    On the 16th of September the ICANN board made the final decision to go forward with the Key-Signing-Key (KSK) Rollover in the root zone. After an earlier roll got cancelled, it is now set in motion again.

  • New major Zonemaster release

    The Swedish Internet Foundation and Afnic have released a new major release of Zonemaster on 2018-05-25. Zonemaster is a DNS (Domain Name System) validation tool which aims to improve the security and resilience of the internet infrastructure.

  • Critical IT-services in focus at the DNS reference group

    Increased robustness for critical municipal IT-services to prepare them for a major crisis, an update on the root KSK rollover and insight into the DNS architecture of Facebook were some of the topics at DNS reference group meeting in May.